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I&D has a good understanding of the field of B2B Marketing and I think it is an easy partner to consult with.

Mr. Tomoyasu Yamada
Senior Staff, Customer Connection Department, Customer Engagement Headquarters, Diva Co., Ltd.

I&D asked Mr. Tomoyasu Yamada, who belongs to the Customer Engagement Headquarters of Diva Co., Ltd., , mainly provides the consolidated accounting system "Diva System", and is in charge of marketing, about the details of Telemarketing Lead Nurturing provided by I&D.

Challenges and How I&D Helped


  • Even existing user companies were not on the approach list, so there was a loss of sales opportunities.

How I&D Helped

  • About 10% of the target companies were able to obtain new contact information for the person in charge, and were able to acquire the lead of the future marketing approach.


  • Even existing user companies were not on the approach list, so there was a loss of sales opportunities.

How I&D Helped

  • About 10% of the target companies were able to obtain new contact information for the person in charge, and were able to acquire the lead of the future marketing approach.

1. The business of Diva Co., Ltd

- Please tell us about the business of Diva Co., Ltd.

 Mr. Tomoyasu Yamada

Diva Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as DIVA), which belongs to the AVANT Group that innovates the productivity of corporate management, provides various solutions for the sophistication of group business management.

The main customers are the parent company corporate groups that form the corporate group. Our main product is the consolidated accounting system "Diva System", which is widely used by all group companies. Not only major Japanese companies but also customers with 10 or less group companies account for 30% of the total, and DIVA have introduced it not only for disclosure support but also for the purpose of management accounting that contributes to the sophistication of group company management and decision making.

The number of users of "Diva System" exceeds 900 groups, and it has the largest share in the consolidated accounting system market in Japan.

Recently, the introduction record of more advanced product-specific, market / customer-specific consolidated revenue management, consolidated cost management, forecasting / simulation, etc. is increasing.


2.The need for Telemarketing Lead Nurturing

- -When did you start Telemarketing Lead Nurturing by I&D?

The first starting of Telemarketing Lead Nurturing was in January 2013. DIVA started it at the spot every time, and DIVA have requested for 4 to 5 call projects so far. Recent projects have been underway since September 2016. This project will be a lead nurturing call using the call history that was called by I&D in the past.

- What made you consider I & D's telemarketing and start using it?

The marketing staff of DIVA at that time told me that I&D have "relatively abundant of B2B marketing cases", and then I made an inquiry.

- Please tell us why you chose I&D`s Telemarketing Lead Generation among many telemarketing companies.

There are a lot of cases of telemarketing in B2B marketing, and it is not a method that you only have to make an appointment as a performance reward, but because I&D understands our intention and can acquire appropriate customer's BANT information.

- Have you ever used another company before starting I&D`s Lead Nurturing?

When DIVA was starting I&D`s Telemarketing Lead generation first time, DIVA were asking another telemarketing company. Because I had never used outsourced telemarketing before, I wanted to see what kind of telemarketing company was right for DIVA. The other telemarketing company was a well-known big company. But, I finally chose I&D.

- In which point did you choose I&D compared to other companies?

I like the way I&D callers talk, the ability to get BANT information, and the ability to have a flexible and appropriate conversation rather than a fixed conversation call.

3.Challenges and How Telemarketing Lead Nurturing from I&D Helped

- How do you utilize I&D`s Telemarketing Lead Generation?

 Mr. Tomoyasu Yamada

Calling history information is registered and accumulated in the core in-house CRM system. In addition, if it is requested a visiting by sales representatives, DIVA can get reports with shades, so DIVA could cooperate with the sales representatives according to the feeling of their temperatures. It is convenient because you can get new prospects who are not on the customer list.

In the future, DIVA would like to carry out a campaign that utilizes the MA system for nurturing targets that are not immediately converted into projects.

- Until then, what kind of activities did your company do for nurturing?

Among the customers who made inquiries via the Web or email, DIVA individually call the target who seems to look disgruntled, segment it to see if it will lead to a business project and let the targets which does not immediately turn it into a project recognize and build a relationship.

- Please tell us how Telemarketing Lead Nurturing from I&D Helped.

Among the existing user companies, there are many potential customers that are not on our customer list and that have not been able to obtain business cards. So DIVA encountered the problem that DIVA could not access many customers who might be able to use "Diva System".

- What kind of marketing approach do you plan to take for existing customers who are not on the customer list?

DIVA customers include a enterprise of group companies. Since DIVA's conventional solution areas are expanding, DIVA would like to promote marketing activities that leverage the synergies of our customers.

- Did you have any concerns before using I&D's lead generation for this project?

DIVA were worried whether I&D could make a call based on the past calling history to the customer and the history of the sales approaching. As a result, in the project currently underway, by handing over the history in a list extracted from CRM, DIVA think that I&D can get closer to the level that our own units are sending out based on the contents.

In general, low-priced telemarketing is often a crest type, but I & D's telemarketing can make appropriate calls depending on customers.

- Please tell us what you need to improve I&D`s Telemarketing Lead Nurturing.

Around 2013, when DIVA started requesting, there was a difference between the person in charge of I&D`S caller and DIVA about costumer’s interest of the appointment, but I think that there is almost no difference now. DIVA is proceeding with the project while consulting with Mr. Kikuchi, who is in charge of sales of I&D, so if there is a problem, DIVA think DIVA can resolve it as soon as possible.

provides us with the information we need.

4.The evaluation of Telemarketing Lead Generation

- What kind of trouble would you have if you didn't use I&D`s Telemarketing Lead Generation?

In order to concentrate and contact a large number of customers by telephone, there is a problem that the resources only within the company cannot handle it.

- Please tell us about the departments and companies that utilize I&D`s Telemarketing Lead Generation.

It is evaluated that DIVA were able to lay a certain step so that customers can speak to us when the RFP is presented in the future.

- Are you satisfied with our sales staff?

DIVA are satisfied with it. I think that I&D is a partner who is familiar with the case of B2B marketing and easy to consult.

- For Mr. Yamada, what kind of partner does "easy-to-consult partner" mean?

My definition of partner is the person who can produce results according to your needs, propose the latest marketing information and success stories of other companies while complying with compliance. Please continue to give us meaningful suggestions regarding B2B marketing trends in your proposals.

5. Expectations for I & D

- What are your expectations for I & D in the future?

DIVA ask for I&D continued supporting in Lead Nurturing so that DIVA can create a synergistic effect between the digital marketing process and Lead Nurturing.

 Mr. Tomoyasu Yamada&Mr.Kikuchi

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Company name
Diva Co., Ltd. (Avant Group)
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Tetsuji Morikawa
1997 (On October 2013, changed the trade name from Diva Co., Ltd. to Avant Co.,Ltd. and shifted to a holding company system. Established as Diva Co., Ltd.)
capital stock
100 million yen (Diva Only)
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349 people (Diva Only ,on July 2016)
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Business solution package development and license sales, consulting services, support and services, etc.
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(1)Consolidated Accounting Solutions
Developing Consolidated Accounting Solutions using DivaSystem as a solution tool ・
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(2)Management information utilization system solution
Consulting, maintenance, and education of management information utilization system solutions using business intelligence tools as solution tools

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