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We have tried out several telemarketing companies, but no other companies than I&D were able to penetrate into such details of the differences among customers' situations and their equipment planning.


Mr. Akira Tagomori,
Ardence Group Manager, Corporate Sales Solution Division,
Sales Promotion Group for License Business


Case Details & Objectives

To identify new markets & clientele for security products - online brokers, online banks, credit companies and credit unions via telemarketing.

I&D's Telemarketing Project Deliverables

The project scope included:

  1. Setting up a stream of well-qualified appointments;
  2. Finding the key persons responsible for purchasing the product in question; and
  3. Thorough understanding of equipment planning and uncovering the business pain of the target companies.

Here, Matsushita Electric Works Information Systems Co., Ltd. (MEW-IS) considered the stage of finding prospective customers as the 'first' phase of a four-phase sales process. The 'second' phase is defined as the phase where a company engages further with prospects by providing them with all the guidance and information. The 'third' phase is a critical moment of the sales process requiring intensive care. The 'fourth' and the final phase is the price negotiation and actual conversion.

For the 'first' phase, MEW-IS instructed I&D to provide the prospects with a top-line overview of the product over the phone before the actual sales representative visits in order to yield faster results.

Key Results

Among 111 companies that were selected as call targets, I&D got appointments for sales visits from 4 companies (3.6%); found 12 (10.8%) qualified prospects who showed interest in the introduction of the product; and obtained the responsible persons' names of 68 companies (61.2%) and thereafter completed preliminary interviews with them.

To summarize, I&D identified 84 brand new sales opportunities from the 111 companies that had no business with MEW-IS before.

I&D's Cutting-Edge from a Client's Perspective

If a client is interested in merely making appointments, there may be cheaper telemarketing companies than I&D. I&D's telemarketing holds synergy with the 'first' phase (i.e., finding prospective customers) in the 'four-phase' framework of MEW-IS's sales process. This is because I&D's services are provided by competent marketing consultants who are familiar with IT businesses, and by consulting communicators - all in-house & full time - who have been well trained to acquire the relevant information concerning target companies equipment planning by asking questions like "How many PCs are operating in the company? When was the current system introduced and If they are willing to replace it with a new one, and if so, how soon?"

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