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I&D is a full-service B2B marketing agency specializing in helping clients in high-tech and niche markets drive leads, growing and realize their exit goals.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients over our 23 years in business. Here are case studies, including examples of successful Telemarketing Lead Generation, Support for New Product Lunch, Cross Boarder Marketing and Sales Development.

A) Indian Technology Company

Ryoyo Electro Co., Ltd.

A) Indian Technology Company

・Country: India

・Number of Employees: 1,200

・Established: 1997

・Product/Service: Software Technology

・IAD Customer since December 2015

・Project Duration: 6 months

Case Details & Objectives

The Company entered the Japanese market in 2013 through their own Japanese sales workforce, but it did not go well. In December 2015, one of their senior marketing managers from India approached I&D with the objective of establishing a strong telemarketing team in Japan. They visited us to determine synergies.

IAD carefully determined the company`s intentions and goals. Then, we furnished them with a statement of work (SOW).


We put our expertise in setting appointments with potential clients via telemarketing

1. Localization and design of Web microsites in Japanese

2. Localization design and printing of company envelopes

3. Localization design and printing of company brochure.

4. Localization of newsletter

5. Localization of DMs

6. Training of our callers

7. Making lists of target companies

Key Results

Obtained 60 appointments with prospective companies (15%)

B) U.S Technology Company

Ryoyo Electro Co., Ltd.

B) U.S Technology Company

・Country: United State

・Number of Employees: 2,500

・Established: 2000

・Product/Services; Software development & related technologies

・Project Date: April 2017

Case Details & Objectives

Our client had established a business relationship with a Japanese company, following which they had an urgent need to establish a local office in Tokyo. To realize their ambitious expansion plans, they were looking for a professional B2B marketing company with a strong command of English.

After several face-to-face meetings and videoconferences, the company felt confident in our abilities to deliver and chose IAD as their dedicated marketing partner in Japan.

IAD's initial proposal was an innovative one-year agenda, which successfully completed as per schedule. Several other projects have also executed.

Key Results

IAD made a yearly planning as a proposal.
Some of the projects proposed have already been going on.

1. Localization and design of 2 company brochures.

2. News release localization and the distribution to all over Japan.

3. Localization of a landing page in Japanese.

4. Design of a Web microsite.

5. Finding new contacts in several departments of potential companies.

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