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U.S. Company B

Country: United State
Number of Employees: 2,500
Established: 2000
Product/Service: Software development & related technologies
Project Date: April 2017

Case Details & Objectives

Our client had established a business relationship with a Japanese company, following which they had an urgent need to establish a local office in Tokyo. In order to realize their ambitious expansion plans, they were looking for a professional B2B marketing company with a strong command of English.

After several face-to-face meetings and videoconferences, the company felt confident in our abilities to deliver and chose I&D as their dedicated marketing partner in Japan. I&D's initial proposal was an innovative one-year agenda, which was successfully completed as per schedule. Several other projects have also been executed since.

Key Results

I&D made a yearly planning as a proposal.
Some of the projects proposed have already been going on.

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