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Company Name I&D Inc.
Address Estepa Yoyogiuehara, 46-18, Oyama-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 151-0065 Japan
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TEL +81-3-5452-1840
FAX +81-3-5452-1841
President Hirofumi Fukushige (MBA)
Established Jan. 1999
Capital Yen18,500,000
Employees 50 (33 full time & 17 contract base)

Our Company Name

The company name, 'I&D: Innovation & Imagination Delivery', is derived from Gary Hamel's phrase, 'Innovation and Imagination' which appeared in his publications Competing for the Future (1994) and Leading the Revolution (2000). Both were among the bestsellers in Japan.

Gary Hamel stated, "In the age of innovation, opportunities appear suddenly and disappear with no speed. In the information age, imagination of successive business models is indispensable for placing IT at the core of the enterprise."

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