List Supply of Japanese Companies

We have been providing B2B marketing support for 23 years.

When planning a marketing strategy in Japan, you first need to know how many target companies there are in Japan. When creating a list, if there are sales, number of employees, industry, etc. that can be segmented, you can create a more ideal company list.

We have data on about 200,000 Japanese corporations.

We will extract companies that meet your desired conditions such as industry, sales, number of employees, etc., and provide a target list of Japanese companies.

Case Details & Objectives

Data Services

- Company name

- Address

- Telephone Number

- Amount of Sales

- Number of employees

- Industry


About Data cleansing of I&D

"Data cleansing" or "data cleaning" is the process of maintaining(integrating) data which are managed separately on various management tools, such as business card management software, CRM, SFA, and MA so that it can be used for sales promotion activities.

Since we, I&D, acts on behalf of marketing measures such as telemarketing and digital marketing, and has MA tools developed in-company, I&D is familiar with the way of making data which produces results in sales promotion activities should be.

I&D have dedicated consultants for business card data entry at exhibitions, various corporate data maintenance for sales promotions, and data cleansing. Please feel free to contact us. We will make a proposal that is in line with your company's position.

Data cleansing services can solve the following problems

Maintain data so that it can be used for digital marketing.

  • Integrating the Excel files which are entered the business card by each salesperson.
  • Trouble with data consistency between foreign-affiliated SFA and marketing automation.
  • Sales representatives and others manually input data, and the same company is registered with different notations and other distortions.

Reducing unnecessary effort

  • Eliminate the trouble of deleting and merging duplicates of the same person.
  • Finishing the identification of the target account name quickly.
  • Reduce time spent checking multiple listings.
  • Give meaningful company information and speed up extraction for measures.

Keep costs down

  • Maintain lead data and cut costs by conducting promotional activities under efficient extraction conditions.
  • Checking the alive monitoring of my e-mail address, address and confirm unnecessary destinations.

Cooperating / Transferring

  • The database needs to be developed in conjunction with business card management software and SFA.
  • Consider switching or migrating CRM, SFA, etc.

What you can do with a data cleansing service.

data cleansing

Integrating Excel and access lead data stored separately in the marketing department and sales department, and SFA customer information to perform redundant processing. In addition, unifying to one company name if it is registered multiple ways with different notations.

Items Contents Merits of implementation
Company name cleaning Unifing legal personality notation
(Unification of notation such as "Co., Ltd.", "Co., Ltd.", "Co., Ltd.")

Confirming /searching of duplication
/reducing of investigation load
Identifing of company nam Separating personal name into given and family name
Cleaning of Phone number Corresponding such as change of area code, unification of notation
Collating with the latest phonebook data, updating data
Alive monitoring of telephone number
Cleaning of address Changing the address from the old town name or old city name to the new address
Collating with the latest phonebook data, data update

Reducing the cost of unnecessary call / email / DM sending
Cleaning of Fax number Changing area code, unification of notation
Cleaning of email address Notation check
(Presence / absence of @, correction of input mistakes of "." And ",", etc.)
Alive monitoring of email address
Coding work Code of department / position

Target segmention / extraction becomes easier
Matching Collating with the database owned by the partner company
Adding / provisioning of corporate information
Please contact us for more information.
Information survey by Web survey Obtaining the latest information from corporate websites and reflecting it in the data Update of aging

Cases of data cleansing service

[Case 1] Foreign-affiliated medical software sales company

Data preparation was required due to database transfer. The deciding factor was that we could entrust the cleaning of personal data, including department, job title, email address, etc.).

Background / Issues Background / Issues

CRM system transfer is decided. Checking the data inside, it turned out that there was a large amount of old data and redundant data. (It cannot be transferred as it is ...)

Solution Solution

To unify the notation of all data and to identify the same person. Regarding to the same person data, comparing old and new data and unifying to new data.

Effect Effect

Renewed the old data, format the data and made it usable data!

Approximate: 1.8 million yen / 45,000 cases
Service used: Data cleansing

[Case 2] Call center operating company

What kind of industry does our service sell to? I want to analyze with company data!

Background / Issues Background / Issues

Even though I had personal data of the customer, I couldn`t analyze the customer because I didn`t have the company information of customers ...

 Solution Solution

Carried out of the entire process from officializing the company to which the individual customer belongs to purchasing company data

Effect Effect

Got company data which enabled us to analyze customers!

Approximate: 750,000 yen / 6,200 cases
Services used: Corporate information provision, corporate information survey, data cleansing

Standard price of data cleansing

The outline is as follows. I&D will make a proposal that suits your application, so if you can tell us the item name of the data you want to clean, I&D will calculate a estimate approximately.

* A separate basic charge is to be incurred.

Items Contents Prices
Data cleansing Cleansing of company`s name 3 yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Cleansing of adress 3 yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Cleansing of telephone number 1 yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Cleansing of name 3 yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Cleansing of email address 2 yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Cleansing of Departments or position 4 yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Checking the overlapping of list 10yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Address correction service 20 yen ~ @ 1 unit price
Adding company information Please contact us for more information.
Information survey by Web surve It depends on the content. please contact us for more information.

The workflow of Data cleansing

Integrating data

Integrating prospect data scattered throughout the company

・Leads acquired by Online event.
・Business card acquired by a salesperson.
・Own customer`s data
・Inbounds leads, etc.

Data cleansing

Cleansing customer information compiled in a database

・Unification of duplicate information
・Correcting of department
・Correcting of based address
・Unification of notation fluctuation, etc.

The others
・ Confirming of living data by telemarketing + acquiring of information permission
・Checking the alive monitoring of my e-mail addresses
・Checking the alive monitoring of telephone numbers

[Specific example of data cleansing]

Utilization of cleansed data

Proposal of sales promotion measures utilizing cleansing data

Data that eliminates fluctuations and duplication of characters and is centralized can be used as is for sales promotion activities.

By using Dr. Marketing ® equipped with an automatic cleansing function, it is possible to keep the data clean at any time.

I & D acts on behalf of various marketing measures such as Telemarketing and Digital marketing. I&D will propose effective sales promotion measures that utilize cleansing data.

Data Matching

Matching with database

Matching your data with your corporate database

Adding company information

Adding the scale and industry of the company database to your business card and company information

By adding scales and industries, it will be possible to segment by scale and industry, and more targeted sales promotion activities will be possible.

Utilizing from analysis to data

Calculating the market share by industry based on the added company information (matching with the market)

You will be able to calculate the market share of the target companies and figure out which company you should attack now from the numbers.

[Specific examples of data utilization]

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