Lead Nurturing

Have you ever visited a potential customer who had an appointment through "telemarketing" but left the follow-up with the lead for several years because the appointment did not lead to a deal right away?

Have you ever experienced lost opportunities such as "I didn't hear from you for a while, so I placed an order with another vendor" when you remembered and contacted them again several years after the initial visit?

I&D's lead nurturing service regularly approaches potential customers who do not immediately lead to deals, as described above, on behalf of busy salespeople.

By doing so, we will prevent opportunity losses, ensure that we pick up deals and provide "highly probable prospects" to your sales force, and improve the efficiency of your sales activities.

I&D's lead nurturing not only makes appointments, but also has "high listening skills" and a "55% contact rate" to elicit information that can be used in future marketing and sales activities.

If the low chance to close the deal, we will not force an appointment, but will communicate with the customer regularly by phone, e-mail, or sending materials to obtain and accumulate the information necessary for proposal activities.

Service Details

While a sales representative is focused on closing the deal, prospect nurturing is done by lead nurturing.

The following diagram illustrates the importance of nurturing calls.

I&D provides lead nurturing services that require more "quality conversation and relationship-building skills" to obtain quality sales appointments.

nurturing call

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