Lead Nurturing

Have you ever experienced that even if you visit an appointment that you have earned through "telemarketing", it will not lead to result immediately, and you tend not to approach to that prospect?

And have you ever experienced that you lost prospects that placed an order with another company because they do not get any contact from you.

I & D's "Inside Sales" will take place of busy sales representatives and approach customers with low project accuracy as described above regularly.

By doing so, I&D can prevent from losing opportunities and ensure the efficiency of sales activities by picking up projects and providing sales staff with “highly accurate prospects”.

I & D's inside sales can get not only appointments with "high listening ability" and "contact rate of 55%”, but also information that can be used for future marketing and sales activities without visiting.

In the situations where the probability of a project is low, I&D will not get appointments, but will communicate with customers on a regular basis by telephone, email, sending materials, etc., and obtain and accumulate information necessary for proposal activities.

By managing the acquired information as a history with our marketing automation "Dr. Marketing®", it will be possible to find customers who will lead to orders more efficiently.

Contents of service

While sales staffs are focusing on order-taking activities, I&D are developing prospects by inside sales.

The figure below shows the importance of nurturing calls.

I & D provides tele sales and inside sales that require more "telephone skills and relationship building skills" and has earned high-quality sales appointments.

nurturing call

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