BtoB Marketing consulting for Global Expansion into Japan

I&D is a BtoB marketing company with 20 years of experience. Based on numerous consulting experiences with overseas companies, we provide Inbound marketing support service for International manufacturing companies and IT companies looking to establish a business presence in Japan.

The service details are as follows:

Global Solution

1.Planning Marketing strategy

・Market research, competitor analysis, industry analysis in Japan.
・Planning and execution of marketing strategy in the Japanese market.
・Support for marketing activities and test marketing to raise awareness in Japan.
・Localization support for products, services, websites, documents, etc.

Global Solution

2.Outbound Telemarketing Service

・Prospective Customer List:Research target companies and create an approach list.
・Outbound Sales:Outbound Sales by calling to customers, e-mail, inquiry form, service. introduction, and ask customers’ opinion
・Propose your products:Propose services/products by providing information and hold a meeting (web conferences in the case of remote locations).

Global Solution

3.Support for finding business partners in Japan

・Alliance support to find the best partner for entering the Japanese market.
・Find out companies that might be interested in your services/products and set up a meeting.
・Support for sales activities leading to expansion of sales channels after entering Japan.



Hirofumi (Happy) FUKUSHIGE

President & CEO

Hirofumi founded his first company in Saudi Arabia in 1979 and having lived there for 8 years. After returning to Japan, he executed a number of marketing projects with University of Iowa and Arizona University. In 1999, he established I&D, his third venture. I&D has successfully completed over a thousand B2B marketing projects for clients around the world.

Hirofumi's competitive spirit, passion and care for people can be seen not only in his approach in leading I&D but also in the corporate social responsibility that is rooted in the company's business model.

Hirofumi earned his MBA from Tama Graduate School of Business. He is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College and holds a graduate degree in Liberal Art from Nihon University, Japan.


Miyuki SAITO

Manager, Client Solution Dept.

Miyuki has earlier worked with several global B2B companies leading marketing, PR and promotions. At I&D, she is responsible for domestic market research for customers products & services, supporting their B2B marketing strategy and generating quality leads via phone calls, emails and actual visits. She is also leading the creation of promotional plans and tools.

Miyuki is a graduate in 2001 from the University of California, Berkeley.

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