Webinar Support Service

I & D, which specializes in lead generation/nurturing calls, provides comprehensive support for your company's webinars, including "webinar scenario creation," "filming studio provision," "filming progress," "delivery system provision," "audience attraction," "execution support," and "follow-up calls.

As remote work and telecommuting become more prevalent these days, providing information via webinar is becoming commonplace, but the reality is that it is still a trial-and-error process in terms of converting potential customers into leads.
I & D will execute and support assistance to eliminate your company's concerns and produce results.

The contents of service

To help your company generate quality leads through webinars, I & D offer the following services.


Webinar Support


The support of attracting customers by Webinar

We will attract customers with the best mix of WEB and call performance rewards according to the characteristics of your product.

The support of Executing Webinar

We provide planning support from the distribution agency of WEB seminars to studio arrangements, shooting and recording support, etc.

Webinar support tool

We can create LANDING PAGEs for attracting customers, deliver emails, manage seminars, manage questionnaires, etc. for all at once.

Following-up support after the seminar

We will check the BANTC (*See below)information of your product service to the participants or the applicants of Webinar.

  • *BANTC:B=Budget・A=Authority・N=Needs・T=Timeframe・C=Competitor

Support to attract customers to webinars

I & D will assist you in attracting customers to your webinar with a landing page and call to action.
I & D will attract prospective customers by committing to a number of customers, such as "100 customers guaranteed" for registrants.

attracting customers by Webinar support.

▼What I & D can do to support your webinar to attract prospects

・Attract customers using landing pages

Attracting prospects through cold calling

Nurturing calls to prospects

・Obtain permission to provide information (e.g., information on upcoming events)

We recommend this service for those with the following challenges.

You have planned a webinar but are not confident about attracting customers.

Not enough leads, so not many customers to announce about the webinar

Marketers alone cannot quickly attract customers on the Web...

Attracting customers is done through the best mix of calls and webinar landing pages.

I & D can help you attract customers to your webinars through calls and landing pages.
I & D will first ask you about the features and target audience of your products and services, and then propose the best way to attract customers.

Attracting customers by calling

Attracting Customers by Calling

Cold Call to target accounts or call from your prospect list. We will discuss with you in advance the value proposition of your products and services, as well as the list and call scripts.

Attracting customers by landing page.

Attracting customers through landing pages

I & D will create a landing page for your webinar and attract customers via the web. This will allow a wide range of people from all over the country who are interested in your seminar to sign up. We will acquire email addresses and personal information to ensure that we can contact them.

Webinar Attraction Support

Initial 300,000 yen

Recruiting registrant by commitment basis 40,000 yen per registrant

  • ※The definition of attracting customers is a seminar registration.
  • We will discuss the call list with you in advance.

Support for webinar execution

This service supports points of concerning to the person in charge when conducting a Webinar.

The table below shows the service range.

Item Remarks
Management system / Seminar content Design support [Basic] We will conduct after consulting about what kind of Webinar you want to make.
Designing script I&D support the creation of scripts for webinars.
Application / Attendance slip / Questionnaire management [Basic] Supporting seminar application / Attendance slip / Questionnaire management by using MA tools.
Delivering Customer attraction e-mail as the agency Delivering e mail as the agency for attracting customer by using MA tools.
Webinar distribution agency service [Basic] Distributing Webinars agency by using tools such as Zoom.
Utilizing studio ( for 3h) [Basic] Arranging a dedicated studio and shoot, processing and distributing Webinars
The agency of telephone inquiries’ fee Before delivering Webinar, we will handle telephone calls for those who cannot participate in it.
Another day of rehearsal  We will deliver the video as in the actual production and prepare for performance.
Video output [Basic] Output the state of the Webinar in video format.
Video processing Putting telops, your company`s logo and title, etc.

▼ What I & D can do with Webinar execution support

・I & D will provide you with the best webinar script that fits the 60-minute length of the webinar.

・I & D will design the webinar to facilitate follow-up through the use of questionnaires, etc.

・I & D arrange a dedicated studio and support those who are unfamiliar with the operation so that the seminar can be carried out smoothly.

・In order to avoid connecting troubles during distribution, I & D will carry out a spare time for about 30 minutes + support of telephone reception before the seminar.

・Recreate the webinar into content that can be used at a later date

Recommended for those with the following issues

The companies which doesn`t carry out webinar and have no confidence to do it.

The companies which tend to lacks of excitement by recording distribution and encounter the difficulty to follow up later

The companies which would like to create high-quality leads by utilizing Webinars

※We will make a detailed quotation after hearing your request.

Following-up support of Webinar

The low barrier to participation makes it very difficult to follow up after a webinar.
I & D, which has a proven track record in lead nurturing using MA tools and calls, will generously share its know-how on post-seminar follow-up.

Following-up support of Webinar

▼ WEB Seminar Comprehensive Support Service.

・Providing MA tool including email delivery and content file storage.

・Obtain BANTC information and sales visit permission from webinar participants

・Content follow-up for non-attendees of webinars and obtaining permission for sales visits

・Daily/weekly/final result reports of follow-up content

Recommending for those who have the following issues

Those who do not have MA tool that can visualize the customer situation…

Sales of the company do not perform after-sales follow-up properly…

 Providing MA tool 68,000 yen

 10,000 yen / person

※We will make a detailed quotation after hearing your request.

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