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Our Services

Lead generation ■Via Web
・Web pages/advertisement ・CMS/blogs ・SEO/Remarketing
・SNS (Facebook, etc)・Video/Movies ・Press release

・Magazine ads ・DM/FAX ・Telemarketing

■Data reduction/data integration
Lead capture ■Via Web
・Document request ・Inquiry forms ・Inquiry call
・L/P ・White paper ・Webinar ・Case studies/emails

・Exhibitions ・Seminars ・Telemarketing
・Creation of showcase
Lead nurturing ■Nurturing
・Email newsletters ・Seminars
・Periodic calls ・Web access history

・Static score (corporate) ・Static score (individual)
・Dynamic score (history) ・BANTC (call)
Lead qualification ■Sales activities
・Activity history ・BANTC hearing ・Thank-you note

■Inside sales
・Activity history ・BANTC
・BANTC (sales) ・Sales activity (results)
Customer retention Upsell & Cross Selling ■Customer satisfaction
・Helpdesk ・Call center ・Email newsletters Disclosure of showcase
・Sending latest materials ・Holding workshops ・Seminars of lead generation

■Cross-departmental information sharing

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